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Luxe Piel

Surgeons Nightmare Bundle

Surgeons Nightmare Bundle

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Is This Your First Time Trying Luxe Piel? Then you need to see those results...

If You Are Skeptical Just Like Her (below), Then You Need to Get Surgeons Nightmare Bundle and See for Yourself.

Surgeons Nightmare Bundle Is A For Limited Time Only.

Trust me, Surgeons Nightmare Bundle Runs Out Very Fast.


Because Surgeons Nightmare Results Are Insane. And Everyone Is Talking About It Once They Start Seeing Results.

Well, Look Below...



So, Get Yours Now.

Surgeons Nightmare Bundle is The Best Bundle if You Just Want to See How Well Luxe Piel Works. The best part is you don't have to take our word for it. Look what this mother with 5 kids said.

It's The Most Complete Option For People Who Want To Try Luxe Piel For The First Time. 

Even if you need a little something back there.

You Know What I Mean, Right?



You Will Get A Bit of Everything That We Sell From that Bundle. Give It 90 Days along with Our Guide (Follow Instructions for free guide when you get your package) for Best Results. 

Just Like those:

Ok... Enough talk...

What you actually get in the Surgeons Nightmare Bundle?

You Will Get:

  • One Slimming Gel
  • One Butt and Breast by LuxePiel (BBL)
  • One Slimming Wrap
  • One Slimming Band (Waist Trainer)
  • One Sweat Belt.
  • A FREE eating guide and
  • 20+Free workout videos

We just want you to get results like this...



Do You Need to Sweat More and Burn Faster?

Do You Need to Get Your Body Back by the Summer or the new year?

You're not Trying to Get on that Surgeon Table, are You?

LuxePiel Surgeons Nightmare Bundle solves those problems fast while making you see results a LOT faster Just Like You See Below.


How fast can you see results?

Well, that depends.

We say give it 90 days but...

Look what happens after 4 days?

Ok. I rest my case...

Read below then add to cart and checkout.

We Have Four Different Sizes of Sweat Belt to Fit Your Waistline . 

That Means Regardless of Your Current Size, You Can Wear LuxePiel Sweat Belt  Over Your Slimming Wrap to Maximize Your Burn and Show Off Your Best Shape and Curves.

Wear the Slimming Band Daily as a Waistrainer or to Support Your Back When You Are Lifting Heavy Objects (Instructions are on each product). 

Both men (man) and women (woman) can safely use this whole set. 

Save Over $275 When You Order Today Queens.

*** Please pay attention to waistline sizes when you order***

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