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Luxe Piel

LuxePiel DRIP Bundle

LuxePiel DRIP Bundle

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LuxePiel DRIP Bundle is Helps You Generate The Most Sweat During Your Workout to Help You Get Your Desired Weight Results Faster.

It's A Combination of Our Waist Slimming Gel, Our Waist Slimming Wrap and Our Sweat Belt Put Together to Give You The Best Experience You've Ever Imagine. 

You Will Get Two Slimming Wraps, One Slimming Gel and One LuxePiel Sweat Belt.

NO More rolling Wraps.

The Sweat Belt Will Help Keep Your Wrap In One Place While Helping You Sweat More.

LuxePiel Sweat Belt fixes all those problems fast while making you see results a LOT faster. We Have Four Different Sizes to Fit Your Waistline . That Means You Can Wear LuxePiel Sweat Belt  Over Your Slimming Wrap to Maximize Your Burn and Show Off Your Best Shape and Curves.

Both men (man) and women (woman) can safely use this product. 

*** Please pay attention to waistline sizes when you order***

Save $137 When You Order Today Queens.

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