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Luxe Piel

LuxePiel SummerTime Magic

LuxePiel SummerTime Magic

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Queen, This Right Here Is Exactly What You Need to Get That Body Right for The Summer. Limited Availability.

Once It's Gone It's Gone. This Is The Only Combo That Offers Exactly One Product of Everything You Need to Help You Get That Summer Body. 

You Will Get One BBL (Butt & Breast by LuxePiel) Gel.

You Will Get One Waist Slimming Cream, One Waist Slimming Wrap, and One Slimming Band (one size fits all) that You Can Wear 24/7 Underneath Your Clothes to Show Off Your Best Shape and Curves.

Now, get it all at a Discounted rate for Only $139.97

You Save Over $250 When You Order Today Queen.


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